7 thoughts on “Heart

  1. Do the terrify you because sometimes violence erupts? Hope that’s not a stupid question–but that’s why they frighten me. And–did you change your blog theme? It is SO GORGEOUS.

      • Yes, exactly–we do have a right to lawfully gather (I’ve forgotten the exact wording), and it’s quite devastating when the “authorities” choose violence. It’s a terrible lesson for Civics classes, and discourages citizens from speaking their opinions and trying to change what doesn’t work. Sorry for going on and on…

        • Sometimes not but oftentimes they are heroes and I honor them. Still the extent to which they defend capitalist interests through the politicians is frightening. It seems that they often don’t even want to. The video shows the red eyes of an officer who evidently had been crying about to be forced to pepper spray a line of protestors sitting peacefully because he was commanded to as one group in direct confrontation to the other. It brings me to tears that he would even if it defies his inner humanity. During the peaceful protests leading up to the fall of the Berlin wall the police were called to support the protestors. They did so and the state had no means to oppress the people without the compliance of their police force. With the help of the police, they won.

          • Yes, I hate to paint them all with the same broad brush–there are heroes among them–but often the group mentality takes over so that what you spoke of results, where someone acts against their true beliefs.

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