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Hi, I’m Erica.  I was born and raised in Ojai, California.  My fondest memories as a child involved exploring the beaches of Southern California on the weekends with my mom and wandering the mountain trails a mile from my home every afternoon with my dog until sunset.  I moved from Ojai to Santa Cruz in 2012 to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with highest honors from UCSC.  During that time I also volunteered at Natural Bridges State Beach, teaching the public about monarch butterfly life cycles and tidepool ecology.    I now live in Southern California again in the South Bay area and work as an environmental planner.  On my time off, I explore lovely places in nature with my daughter.  I seek to find exquisite natural beauty and share it with you on this blog.  I take photos of all the things my eyes wander to, whether they be the tiny details of a leaf or seashell, the towering majesty of a mountain peak, or the expansive horizon of the ocean.  In this way, I hope to share a visually immersive experience and bring you into the moment with me.  I hope this brings a little peace and inspiration to your day.

Thank you for following!

♥ Erica

3 thoughts on “About

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  2. May you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness. That’s always stirring those wildflowers, growing in the springtime at the temple of your heart, and on those temple walls are written in gold all the acknowledgements, of the precious gift that you are.

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