The Walk to School


Instead of driving my daughter to school, I find it much nicer to take the shuttle bus that loops around the UCSC campus, get off at the lower campus stop and walk past the women’s center.  This leads me to a beautiful cypress grove adjacent to her school.  It’s so much calmer to start the day this way!

Phoebe’s sycamore leaf


Phoebe is really excited about keeping a journal of her observations while adventuring.  Here she draws a depiction of the sycamore leaf, a tree native to California.  Yesterday she asked to bring materials to draw the koi in the pond, too.  It’s great.  Art is about refining your ability to see deeply into things.  When a child (or an adult for that matter) is asked to draw what they see in their own way, they notice small, beautiful details previously missed.  This is how I feel when I practice macro photography of wildflowers; the camera enables me to exalt the tiniest of features.

First Bike Ride

After waiting five months to see if someone would help me put together the bike I ordered online, I decided to give it a shot myself.  It turned out well!  Phoebe rode with me to Monterey State Beach.  The bike trail here is beautiful–it weaves through the sand dunes, giving a great view of the ocean!