Stag on the path


It’s amazing how comfortable deer feel around the students here.  I was standing just a few feet from this guy.  In Monterey, I was happy with how closely I could observe harbor seals on a daily basis.  Now it is deer that I see daily.

Deer at the library


While exploring UCSC today, I finally found my way to the McHenry library.  The campus is a labyrinth of walking paths and roads through the redwood forest.  I took wrong turns several times before reaching my coveted destination.  There are very few students around because the quarter doesn’t start until October 2nd so the colleges and buildings have a slightly creepy, desolate feel even if they’re beautifully built.  The forest itself has a very peaceful, serene feel and I have encountered deer quite often.  The photo above is from last week in one of the dry meadows but in the courtyard of the library today, seven deer gathered, munching on the lawn.  One was rising on to its hind legs to nibble branches off young trees.  People walked along the paths between them and they hardly paused to notice.