Marine Layer at 9:30am


UC Santa Cruz sits at about 300 ft elevation which puts us in the position to look out over the marine layer of fog that rises off the ocean in the morning and evaporates  as the sun climbs higher in the sky.  I saw some gorgeous sunrises over this layer of clouds last fall. 

Sea Level Rise

This quarter at UC Santa Cruz I’m taking an introductory course in oceanography because I’m very interested in studying how climate change will affect California’s coastline and I need this course as a prerequisite for higher level courses in ocean science.  A course  I took in climate change last quarter ignited a deep concern for how sea level rise will alter the beaches I know and love here in California.  Then I learned about a grant recently awarded to UC Santa Cruz (and the UC system at large) for the purpose of studying how climate change will affect the local ecosystems of California.  I approached my professor today to ask if he can point me in the direction of my interest and he suggested I take his course in coastal geology offered next quarter.  It is an upper division course so it will be at an appropriate level for me and it will go toward my degree in environmental studies while also furthering my specific interests.  Win!  Usually the courses of the following quarter are a mystery until a month before they start so it’s great to know at least part of what I will be taking.

A tree within a tree


Redwood trees give of themselves eternally…  When a tree falls, the roots live on and sprout up as a circle of redwoods around the stump.  This is the case here although not in the photo.    New trees (even of a different species) grow in the stumps as well.